Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My husband and I lost our 14 year-old daughter on Saturday to Helium Inhalation. She was the sweetest, most responsible, loving child you could ever meet.  She went to a party and had a mask placed on her face when she did not want to participate and died from helium inhalation. Her friends did not know about the dangerous effects of helium. We are making it our goal to educate anyone we can find about the terrors of this party event. Don't let your children fall victim to this.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not so groovy

Still not staying on track very well. Think I just need some good solid sleep! Skipped playgroup and class.

The other night we had break fast for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and spaghetti for dinner.

Today we had cereal for breakfast, burger king (chicken nuggets and fries) and fried pork chops with macaroni and cheese with sauteed green beans.

Tomorrow, the plan is laundry (ugh) and vacuum/dust/clean bed rooms.
Breakfast - scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch - Bean and cheese burritos with apple slices
Dinner - something with chicken, haven't quite figured it out yet.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have more motivation and get with it.

Today I  joined the 2 weeks to organization and received the book Fit Mom's For Life. I plan to read at least a chapter a day and implement the suggestions. If I have time to, I want to get my printer set up so I can start printing out coupons and homeschooling materials and go through my coupons that I have now and try to figure out a good method of organizing them.

Big plans, lets see how it comes together!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First night!

Well, I didn't get much done today. It was a rough day today with movement and being awake. So lets just start with what we had to eat today and what the goals are for tomorrow!

Breakfast - Cereal and banana's
Lunch - Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and Tortilla Chips
Dinner - Minute Steaks with stir fried tomatoes and green bell peppers over rice with soy sauce.

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day! If I can manage to get up on time, we will go to play group, then I have a class (Ready for Kindergarten), then I need to do a little grocery shopping, and a few more errands. When we get home I hope to get the laundry done, make dinner, and get my room organized finally. Tomorrow's meal plan is:
Breakfast - Eggs and toast
Lunch - Chicken and Cheese Sandwiches
Dinner - Pork Chops and Noodles with a side salad

Let's see how I do!

New to the world!

Alright, I have been a blog stalker for almost a year now and I think it's about time I get in on the action! I have been wanting to get into this for a while now but haven't known where to start. So here I am, starting with a blank slate and no clue what I'm doing. I am going to try to post daily. My plan is to try to post what my plans are for then next day and then post what I have been able to get done. I am trying to organize my life, my home, begin homeschooling, and just get to be a bit more with it. I am hoping that anyone reading could give me input, advise, encouragement, and a slap on the wrist when need be. Please join me in my adventures in taming my world around me into something a bit less chaotic!